Just getting started…


Well, here we go!! I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time, but now it’s official! We shall have ourselves a blog! Not sure what this will mean, and I hope I don’t get too OCD over it and spend hours re-reading and editing this stuff (I could definitely see that happening if I’m not careful!)

I love to journal, but this is a brand new format for me, so I’ll have much to learn, I’m sure. Any of you bloggers out there care to share any advice and/or wisdom with me about this new adventure? I suppose I’ll just randomly write out my crazy thoughts on various topics but if anyone has anything in particular you want to discuss, I’d love to hear about it. I’m a people person, for sure, so I’d much rather this be a discussion board than a monologue.

For now, let me share what God is challenging me about today…

This morning I went out on my back porch and had a nice, quiet time with God. I’m reading the book Knowing God, by JI Packer so I spent some time reading, then spent some time talking to God and listening to some great praise and worship music. Immediately after that sweet time with God, I found myself on the phone with a close friend who is struggling on many levels. For some reason, God is constantly bringing me to this place… listening and discerning and trying to speak truth to people I love who are hurting. It’s a tough place to be, but He keeps wanting me there, so I go. I listened for probably an hour, praying as I listened, hoping to bring healing somehow with my words, but wondering if she would hear me. I did get a few words of truth in there, and I think she heard me, but regardless, I obediently spoke what I know she needed to hear. My mom came up a few minutes later and could tell I’d been in another deep conversation just by looking at my face as I hung up the phone. She expressed concern for my spiritual well-being, since she knows how heavy it can be to try to help so many different people. I asked her to pray specifically that I would be consistent in my personal time with God. I told her that the only way I know to stay healthy spiritually is to be consistent with my quiet times with God. If I hadn’t had that time with God earlier, that phone conversation would’ve sent me over the edge. But because God had just met me and filled me, I was able to deal with the heavy stuff coming my way.

Sadly, that’s not always the case. I sometimes find myself running head-long into my crazy day without stopping for that time with God. What a shame! My day always goes smoother when I’ve had that time with Him. I feel His presence throughout the day, I hear His voice more clearly, and I’m just generally more obedient. I just read a funny example of this in the book Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. He said that living the Christian life can be compared to running up an escalator that’s going down. If you stand still, you go down. If you walk up the escalator, you stay in the same place. But if you run, you’ll actually make some progress. Running is the way to grow, isn’t it? But running takes conscious determination. That’s why it takes effort and discipline to consistently spend time with God before I head into my day. If I don’t, then I’m sure to meet up with people who need the Lord, but I won’t have much wisdom to offer them. I need a fresh dose of the Spirit every, single day. And that’s what He reminded me of this morning. Now I’m praying that it’ll really sink in, and tomorrow morning I’ll be determined not to miss that sweet privilege of meeting with Him.


5 Responses to “Just getting started…”

  1. Wanda Smith Says:

    That was a blessing to me, Charity, as you are. I feel sure the Lord led and directed you in this endeavor and I’m thankful He did. You are a blessing…I love you!

  2. Auleen Cowan Says:

    I’m one of those people who thinks you are GIFTED to do this, Charity. And reading your first missive convinces me even more: You Nailed It! You have a precious way of being transparent and honest—which in itself is something of worth to share! But beyond that, your HEART for God just leaks out everywhere, causing me and others to desire that same kind of heart—a seeking heart, an “available” heart, a servant’s heart, an encourager’s heart and so much more. Thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable and surrendered. Let those fingers fly, my friend. God is smiling!

  3. Tracy McCall Says:

    Charity, What a blessing you are to me and I am sure so many more.
    As I try to find my way spiritually through each day, here of late than ever before, I will eagerly look forward to your blogs.
    Keep it up, as you are an encouragement and blessing to many.

  4. Dana Says:

    I am so there with you girl!!! This world is such a tough place to be sometimes. Where is God in all of this mess? He is right there-waiting for us to seek Him and lean on Him for all our worries and cares. If we are so busy trying to help others we most always neglect ourselves which in turn leaves us unable to truly help those who need it. It is amazing how just a little time with God fixes this problem and energizes us to help save others besides ourselves. It is so easy to moan and wallow in our own sorrows than open our hearts to others, but when we do reach out how silly must our own pity party seem. We are warriors for Him and I pray for your strength that He may give you the words of wisdom to those who need you to minister to them. Who says you need a seminary degree to be a minister to His service? Sometimes it is just a listening ear… I think God blesses those who serve others more than themselves. You keep up the good work!!!! “Those who seek the wisdom of Christ shall find peace and comfort in all they do and shall glorify Him in all their works and ways.”

  5. charityrhall Says:

    Thanks so much for the comments and encouragement!! It means so much to me! I want to hear from you and have open, honest dialogue here.

    Dana: I couldn’t agree more! I’m constantly trying to learn this lesson…that I’m no good to anyone unless God is working through me. Without Him, I can do NOTHING! Thanks for your encouragement and prayers!

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