My Rescue Story


Thought I’d share a little of the powerful ways God has been at work in my life. This may take several posts, but I’ll start out with the story of how He rescued me.

Most people know that I’m a preacher’s kid. I was raised by 2 of the godliest people I’ve ever known. My parents did their best to teach me the ways of God and point me in the right direction. I was pretty good at playing the part outwardly, but I had a rebellious heart. During my teenage years, I really learned well how to wear the mask. A few people knew the “real” me…probably more than I’d like to realize! But for the most part, I think I fooled a lot of people. I was even fooling myself. Deception’s a really weird thing! It’s a very powerful stronghold. I remember thinking during those years that someday I wanted to live for God, but just not yet. I wanted to have fun first. At least what I thought was fun. I didn’t realize that my sinful behavior would scar me and follow me. The consequences of sin can be pretty hard to live with! 

When I was in college my rebellious heart became more evident, and I found myself in pretty big trouble. I was at Pensacola Christian College, and I had gone off campus several times to places we weren’t allowed to go. When we got caught, I was given 141 demerits. This was only the 2nd week of the 2nd semester, and you’re allowed 150 demerits before they expel you. The seriousness of the situation got my attention. I had been under conviction since I first arrived at PCC, but I had pushed that Voice away. Now, feeling the weight of my sin and stupidity, I submitted to the Voice. Ya know, God’s grace is just amazing! He welcomed me with such love and forgiveness, and I began to take baby steps in my walk with Him.

Over the next several years I experienced such an incredible time of growth. I remember the first time a Scripture verse “came alive” to me.Wow! it was so supernatural that it was almost creepy!! It was like I could suddenly see something I had never seen before…almost like those weird hidden 3D pictures in the comics. I had NO doubt whatsoever that God was working in a very supernatural way.  It humbled me and sent me to my knees.

This journey has continued to amaze me. Along the way God has brought people into my life to mentor me, pray for me, and teach me. He has used good circumstances to draw me closer…like when I became a mom, and had to figure out my own theology in order to teach my kids. And He has used trying circumstances, like the first 18 years of my marriage, when things were so difficult I had to cry out to Him continually. I’ve been amazed at the ways He has carried me. I know I don’t deserve His love and grace, but I’m so very grateful.


4 Responses to “My Rescue Story”

  1. Karie Rice Says:

    This is such a great idea Charity! You are such a gifted writer, keep em coming! Also, glad to know that things have gotten better between you and Don!

  2. Charity Says:

    yeah, Karie, wait til you hear what God did in our marriage….amazing! I’ll be writing about it soon. thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. lisa long Says:

    Good stuff Charity. The Lord has given you many gifts. Keep sharing them, that’s why He gave them to you. Funny how our experiences in life have been so similar. I’m thankful for His redeeming work in your life.

  4. Conny Dempsey Says:

    Charity: Thanks for sharing. You were raised by two of God’s choice servants but it just goes to show we are all individuals that are responsible and accountable for our own lives.

    Your Mom, Dad and brothers and extended family are very proud of you

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