Preacher’s Kids


Even though I’m an adult now, I’ll always be- in my heart- a “preacher’s kid.” It’s just a big part of who I am.  I was blessed to have wonderful parents. My dad was a pastor before I was born, so that’s all I knew, and he was really an amazing man. When he died last year, I realized more than ever the huge impact he had on so many lives, and I heard testimony after testimony of how much his ministry had meant to people. That was really good to hear, because I didn’t always appreciate how much I had to share him with others. The preacher’s family really does live with a man who is on-call –literally–24/7. He may have to leave in the middle of a party to go to the hospital, or he may be called back from vacation (which is usually a trip to visit family) to do a funeral. Preacher’s kids have to spend hours waiting on their dad when he visits the sick or counsels people or answers questions after a service. They’re often the first people to arrive at church and the last ones to leave  (which can try anyone’s patience…especially when hunger is involved!) And if their mom is like my mom, they are constantly being reminded to be careful NOT to complain because that can easily discourage a pastor. They’re people too, and they don’t want to hear their family griping when they’re sincerely trying to do God’s work. My mom used to always remind us to have our hearts in the right place and not resent the ministry (but I still struggled with that one!)

Another difficult aspect of being a pastor’s kid is the fact that people are ALWAYS watching! At least it feels like they are. There’s alot of pressure to be perfect… because that’s what people want. They want role models, and the preacher’s family seems like a good place to find that. In fact, in many churches, pastors are constantly being judged by how well their kids are doing. Problem is, no family is perfect, so that’s just not realistic. Preacher’s kids, I think, want their own identity, just like all kids. And if they’re going to separate themselves from their parents to have their own identity, then they might have to separate from their parents’ way of life. For alot of preacher’s kids, that means separating themselves from the God their parents serve. At least for a time. In our family, all 4 of us went through a time of separation. We each took different paths, but I think we were all basically doing the same thing….finding our identity. Praise God He has rescued each of us from ourselves and our sin, and we’re all finding our identity in Christ now. It’s a miracle!! Really…it is!!

I find that the older I get, the more I appreciate being a preacher’s kid. I can see now what a difference he made in so many lives, and I can appreciate his–and our–sacrifice. I view it as an honor now, and I’m so grateful that God allowed me to be raised in a pastor’s home. I had the privilege of watching my parents live out authentic Christianity, I learned an incredible amount of information about God and His Word, and I was able to experience ministry and its “in’s and out’s.” It was an invaluable experience.

I believe the preacher’s family comes under even more intense spiritual warfare than other families, so I think it’s important that we faithfully lift them up in prayer. The enemy knows that if he can destroy the pastor’s marriage, or his kids’ lives, then the whole church may suffer. We all need to remember that and be diligent to pray for our pastors and their families. They need that prayer support, and they also need our love, appreciation, and grace.


6 Responses to “Preacher’s Kids”

  1. Sara Says:

    You are right on the money, little sister. We ALL need to share the responsibility of lifting our pastors and their families up in prayer. Satan LOVES to attack all of us any way he can, but I believe it really makes his day when he can get to a pastor. He KNOWS many people will be watching and that if a preacher or his family fall it will effect a lot of lives. Prayer is our ONLY defense . Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Charity Says:

    YAY!!! you commented!!! =) and yep, I really believe that God has answered the prayers of many people in the way He has brought each one of us back to Himself. I saw Dutch McCurley the other day and he told me that he still prays for every person in our family by name every night. He was very serious, and said he wanted me to know that every single night before he goes to bed, he speaks our names in his prayers, starting with mom and then each of us kids. That just made me cry when I heard that! To think that after all these years, he still faithfully prays for us!! WOW!! Where would we be without God’s protection and deliverance in direct response to the prayers of the saints?! Ahhh! it’s such a challenge to me…to do the same for the preacher’s kids in my life.

  3. Laura Erwin Says:


    Thanks for sharing. What a great reminder to me to be praying for my pastor and his family, and also for all of the leaders of our church and their families as well.


  4. Diane Higgins Says:

    Hey Charity,

    I am responding! Aren’t you proud of me?! This was a great blog. I am always amazed at the wonderful words of wisdom you always have. I agree with you on this. It almost made me tear up since I could identify so much with this. I also enjoyed lunch the other day. It was great to catch up again! Hopefully we can make it a monthly thing! Have a great weekend!

  5. Regina Says:

    Hey Charity,

    I’m responding too…just sad Diane beat me to it!! =) Thanks for sharing your thoughts yesterday and here. I really enjoyed our time together.

  6. Charity Says:

    You’re welcome, Laura! I hope it’ll get alot of people thinking like you are, about the responsibility we have to pray!

    Diane!!! I’m so excited that you commented…I really wanted your input on this one! Glad you agreed and could relate. I’m praying for you, girl, and for your family. Like I said here, I really think it’s important to be praying for pastors and their families. And especially yours since you have to live with Bill!!! 😉 hahaha

    And Gina, I enjoyed it too! So fun to catch up!! Definitely need to do it more often!

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