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Just read a blog post that Josh (my 12 yr old son) wrote. I loved it and was challenged by it, so I thought I’d share it here. It reminded me of a quote that God used to convict me a couple weeks ago. I posted it on my facebook status, so some of you may have seen it there. It was by Theodore Epp:

“To look with disdain on someone else is to oppose the indwelling Christ and the concern He has for everyone.”

Josh’s words are about our “enemies”…but really, the idea can be broadened to include anyone that we might tend to “look on with disdain.” Sobering thought…

Do You Love Your Enemy?

by Josh Hall
The question is do you love your enemy? Most people would say no, that’s why they are my enemy. Well that means you’re breaking God’s law. It states “love your neighbor as yourself.” Everyone’s your neighbor, even your enemy. Now wait a second, that phrase sounds selfish- well it’s not. Loving your neighbor as yourself has two meanings.

1. Treat others how you want to be treated.
So just be nice to others so that they will be nice to you? No. Saying yes would be the wrong answerer. I’m homeschooled and co-op is like school for homeschoolers except one day a week. And every week I held every door from class to lunch. There were 3-4 four people who always thanked me. Is that the only reason I hold the door, just for a thank you? No I did it to be nice but that’s not the point –well it sort of is… anyways. Just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you will always get something in return.
So would you hit someone if you knew they would just hit you back, maybe. Would you hit someone if you knew they would turn their cheek the other way, just so you could hit them again? The wrong answerer is… YES. The right answerer is no. Well here is the big question. Are you ready? Are you gunna lie? You better not. Here it is, would you hit Jesus? If you said yes I am now very afraid of you. The right answerer is… Uhhhmm no brainer! NO!!!
2. What you’re doing to your neighbor you’re doing unto Christ Jesus.
So treat your neighbor like Jesus.


3 Responses to “Josh’s blog post”

  1. Summer Says:

    I love the boy!! He’s got it right!! What a great reminder! Thank you, Josh!

  2. Sara Says:

    What a great way to phrase…treat EVERYONE like you would Jeasu…what a challenge!!! But that’s His commandment…thanks, Josh, for the reminder!

  3. Nellie Says:

    What a tremendous reminder! I love it and Thanks Josh!

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